About Get Fit with iPad

I have this thing about gyms. I sign up eagerly… all fresh-faced… happy-to-be-there.. ready to rock those machines like I know what I’m doing. Yeah. Anyway. Sound familiar? But then, reality sets in. Inevitably, the gym partner I signed up with gets busy with that little thing called “life”. The gym schedules don’t mesh with mine. The personal trainers are either a little “too” personal or not personal at all and would like to take the $60 per hour thank-you-very-much. And I have to drive there. Ugh. The driving. and the driving back. And Heaven help you if you arrive late to a class. You’ll be the target of angry teacher glares for the next hour. Or worse, you’ll have come all that way only to find out the class is full. See? It’s ridiculous. I’ve found that when I join a gym, I do not get what I pay for.

Which brings me to GetFitwithiPad.com. I refuse to join a gym and fork over anywhere between $10-$150 per month. Yeah, I know the gyms have the coolest equipment, fancy pools, swanky classes, but really, I want to prove that a person doesn’t need all that to get and stay fit. My equipment is minimal – just a tablet (or a PC or laptop if you have one), a mat, some dumb bells. I may throw in some extra stuff as the blog grows – maybe invest in an athletic inflatable ball or use my resistance bands, but the idea is to keep it simple, keep it cheap, and keep it real.

Here, you’ll find reviews of the videos I sweat through and the apps I experiment with, pictures as the journey progresses, resources for apps for your smart phone or tablet, and other fun stuff I discover along the way. I hope you’ll join me on this crazy journey!

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