5 Reasons to Go Ahead and Join a Gym

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Greetings, my friends! Hello, Hello! I’ve been faithfully working out (barring one dark, wine-filled, chocolate filled week) all summer long. I’ve spent the time collecting workouts on my Pinterest board (follow it here: http://pinterest.com/freshcutdesign/circuit-training-workouts/), subscribing to workout channels on YouTube and doing various free workout apps on my iPad. I’ve learned a lot on this journey and am so. so. excited about sharing with you! Topping the list of discoveries is that working out at home is not for everyone.

Here’s why you may want to bite the bullet and join a gym, hire a personal trainer or join a boot camp or fitness training group:

  1. You’ve never worked out a day in your life. Okay, that may be a gross exaggeration, but if it has been many moons since you’ve picked up a dumbbell, then you need the guidance of someone who can make sure you are doing the exercises properly. All it takes is one over-rotation of the shoulder, and you’ve torn your rotator cuff. And that’s very, very bad.
  2. You are very heavy and have a lot to lose. Here’s the deali-o. The workout videos and apps I’ve been doing all assume that you are 1) in your 20′s and a fresh-faced freshman in college 2) are moderately fit 3) you have a good working knowledge of the exercises and anatomy. It can be a serious de-motivator watching these PYT’s (pretty young things, for all you non-Michael Jackson people) get their groove on when you are simply trying to keep up. Also, many of these videos do not show low-impact alternatives. If you’re heavier, you aren’t ready for jumping and knee-jarring moves. I’m not saying that you can’t workout at home if you’re just starting out. I’m saying it will be more of a challenge finding apps and videos that work for beginners. The variety is just not there. (but please correct me if I’m wrong)
  3. You need accountability. If you wake up with a laundry list of reasons why you can’t fit in a 15 minute workout (cough*bull*shit*cough), then you could stand hiring a personal trainer. Knowing you have an appointment with someone charging you between $40-$80 an hour is a pretty good motivator to get your butt out of bed. The knowledge you gain will enable you to drop that gym membership and do it on your own later. But I digress. Personal trainers dote all over you. They take fat measurements. The access your flexibility. They give you diet plans and stroke egos.  They are good people. And they will keep you on track!
  4. You’re training for a specific event. This one’s a no-brainer because I am probably preaching to the choir. Clearly, if you’re doing a Tough Mudder, you more than likely need more than YouTube. A few years ago, I considered myself a runner, and the only way I could get myself to go faster and longer was to join a running group. I pushed myself way harder than I would’ve on my own.
  5. You’re just one of those people that like working out with other people. I am not one of them. I like nothing more than being able to pull up an app, crank up Pandora and strap on my running shoes to get the sweat going. I also like being able to immediately kick them off without having to drive home first. But I’ve discovered that there are those out there who really enjoy the social aspect of classes at gyms. And if that’s you, go for it! It’ll help build that foundation of exercise knowledge and scratch that social itch.

I confess. I’ve been able to chunk the gym because I have been at 1-5 at various points in my life. But now I simply need to move. Everyday. And my iPad fits in nicely. For those that need the extra push, I whole-heartedly say spend the money! (and then come back here just because you like me. : ) )

Creating a Method to the Madness

I want to inspire people.

I believe that it’s good to have role models, and I love being around others who are awesome at what they do. Their passion rubs off on me and keeps me going. Hopefully, this blog will inspire you to get moving, stay moving or will inspire you as an athlete to add home workouts to your routine. It’s my goal to prove that it really doesn’t take a pile of money to get & stay strong and healthy. But it does take determination, self-motivation and a plan.

Up to this point, I haven’t really thought much about how I plan my workouts. It’s usually done by what looks good enough to suffer through or how I feel that morning. I realize, though, that I need to schedule my video selections so that I work every part of my body at least once each week. I also need to sprinkle in some yoga & pilates.

Each YouTube or iPad App workout will now fit into this rotation:

  1. Cardio Workout – 20-60 minutes – kickboxing, low or high impact aerobics, tabatas, HIT training – The I want to die… give it all you’ve got, Captain type of workouts.
  2. Upper Body – plus a 10 minute quick cardio session
  3. Abs and Cardio
  4. Lower Body - plus a 10 minute quick cardio session
  5. Total Body Sculpt and Tone with or without cardio
  6. Pilates or Yoga

Repeat … Repeat… and Repeat…

I think that this should add some methodology to the Get Fit with iPad madness and will allow me (and you!) to get fitter, quicker because the routine changes everyday. I can’t guarantee that though, so don’t come after me with knives and pitch forks (or bad reviews and comments) if it doesn’t work.

On the note of inspiration, what does inspire you to keep going when the waters get rough? What makes you just keep swimming?

5 Reasons I Like to Work Out

5) I really like the feel of sweat running down my back. Even more, I like the shower that follows.

4) You never know what you’re gonna get with each video. Plus, I get to make fun of the workout leader later ;)

3) My shorts are looser around my waist.

2) I can mark it off as a job well done on my calendar.

1) I’m working off my sins the good old fashioned (but effective!) way – with diet and exercise. Plus, it allows me to keep sinning. Always a bonus!