Creating a Method to the Madness

I want to inspire people.

I believe that it’s good to have role models, and I love being around others who are awesome at what they do. Their passion rubs off on me and keeps me going. Hopefully, this blog will inspire you to get moving, stay moving or will inspire you as an athlete to add home workouts to your routine. It’s my goal to prove that it really doesn’t take a pile of money to get & stay strong and healthy. But it does take determination, self-motivation and a plan.

Up to this point, I haven’t really thought much about how I plan my workouts. It’s usually done by what looks good enough to suffer through or how I feel that morning. I realize, though, that I need to schedule my video selections so that I work every part of my body at least once each week. I also need to sprinkle in some yoga & pilates.

Each YouTube or iPad App workout will now fit into this rotation:

  1. Cardio Workout – 20-60 minutes – kickboxing, low or high impact aerobics, tabatas, HIT training – The I want to die… give it all you’ve got, Captain type of workouts.
  2. Upper Body – plus a 10 minute quick cardio session
  3. Abs and Cardio
  4. Lower Body - plus a 10 minute quick cardio session
  5. Total Body Sculpt and Tone with or without cardio
  6. Pilates or Yoga

Repeat … Repeat… and Repeat…

I think that this should add some methodology to the Get Fit with iPad madness and will allow me (and you!) to get fitter, quicker because the routine changes everyday. I can’t guarantee that though, so don’t come after me with knives and pitch forks (or bad reviews and comments) if it doesn’t work.

On the note of inspiration, what does inspire you to keep going when the waters get rough? What makes you just keep swimming?

Jillian Michaels Cardio Kickbox

Jillian Michaels Cardio Kickbox

What is it with workout videos and 1970s bow-chica-bow-bow music? With all the fabulous dance cardio tracks out there, why choose something that reminds me of when Debby Does Dallas was all the rage? Brings me back to my borrowed and treasured copy of Judy Blume’s Forever… But I digress…  I’m sure with the money from Jillian’s vast athletic empire she could whip up a good musical soundtrack, but then I thought that maybe, just maybe, she secretly loves 1970s bow-chica-bow-bow music and wants to subliminally implant its rhythmic beat into our brains.

Once I got over the horrid soundtrack, I dove into the workout. She’ll make you sweat while she fusses and hollers back at her workout companions for slacking. She’s a big fan of jumping jacks and jump ropes though, and given my busty and wiggly state, I don’t share her passion. At some point though, I’m hoping there won’t be as much skin flopping. That’s why I’m here, right? She does every exercise in either a count of 10 or a count of 30. I never felt that I was just going to give out like I did during the CafeMom’s Cardio Workout. I adore standing abdominal exercises, and she definitely brought it with this workout. At the end, one of her workout minions sarcastically remarks, “That’s it?” and Jillian barks to everyone to do another 30 second round of jumping jacks, jump ropes and 10 push-ups. What?! So I get punished for Miss Mouthy back there? Oh, wait. This is a video. I can tell Jillian to stick it and hit pause! But no, I suffered like the rest of them and bounced my way to completion.

It does have its drawbacks. Again, my martial arts training raises my hypersensitivity to the way these instructors do their kicks. Kickboxing videos should not assume that people know how to do these moves and just launch into them. If the instructors do want to forge ahead, they should have some disclaimer that states that the video is for intermediate and advanced viewers and is for an audience that understands kickboxing basics. Also, Jillian wimped out on moves with the upper body. Yeah, we did a bunch of punches, but they really weren’t a big roo-ha-ha, and the uppercut segment thrown in at the end seemed more like an afterthought.

Because of Jillian’s poor choice in background music, her signature militant attitude and lack of upper body segments, I give this video a rating of 2.5 dumbbells on a scale of 5.

Willing to subject yourself to Jillian’s masterpiece? Come on back here and let me know what you think!