Review: 10-Minute Workout For Tank Top Arms

10 Minute Tank Top Arms

Oh. My. God. Sweet Mother of all that is Holy. This one was super-de-duper tough, and I will be back. Oh, yes. I will. But with lighter weights next time.

Today’s video, 10 Minute Workout for Tank Top Arms,┬ácomes to you from POPSUGAR Fitness on YouTube. I have the sneaking suspicion that most of the viewers of this channel are about 15-20 years younger than I, have never given birth and weigh about 60 pounds less than I do. No, matter. I’m Irish. I’m a Black Belt. I have grit. And soon I will have Tank Top Arms. Whoop!

She recommends 3-8lb weights for this workout. If you are just starting out, go for the 3lb weights. Seriously. I’m not kidding. These exercises are not your average, run-of-the-mill bicep curls. I only have 8lb and 10lb weights, and I will be going today to grab some fivers because I had to modify half the workout. I hate modifying. I’m an over-achiever, remember? If you’re an intermediate, use the 5lbs weights. She does this one exercise where you have a weight in each hand. Raise them up to your shoulder level, extend your arms straight out to your sides like your body is making the letter T and hold it for one minute – stationary. ooouuucchhh! I was shaking so bad from the get-go that I had to modify it by bending at the elbows so that my arms made a box shoulder-level in front of me.

She also puts in some lovely tricep push-ups (always a favorite), some floor tricep exercises and other assorted shoulder & bicep moves from hell. And she does it all while telling me that when my brain tells me to stop, to shut it off and keep going because “I am far more capable than I think.” No, lady… my brain is telling me that my muscles are ripping away from the bone, and I’m going to die soon if I don’t drop this weight. I’m tough, though. I hung in there. A lighter set of weights will make this a much more doable workout.

There’s no annoying music, and outside of the way-to-peppy 20-somethings, and the fact that this workout was way harder than I anticipated, it was quite an awesome one that tones the biceps, triceps and shoulders. I give it a 3.5 dumbbells on a 5 dumbbell scale.

Got 10 minutes to cuss like a sailor (because you will be expressing yourself through this workout)? Go try it and let me know if you share my views!

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