Review: eFit30 Total Body Workout 4

eFit 30 Total Body Workout 4

Being the overachiever that I am, I skipped Workouts 1, 2 and 3 and went straight to Workout 4. Nah… Not really. I just didn’t see the others when I selected this one at 11pm last night. I’ll go back and do them, though. This one was great!

Wanna give it a go? Try it here: eFit30 Total Body Workout 4, Cardio, sculpt and tone

eFit30 is a fantastic source of free workouts on YouTube. I highly suggest you subscribe to their channel. The 2 workout leaders are British. or Australian. I can’t tell… forgive me… and the accent made me pay attention with greater detail so that I didn’t miss anything. This particular workout took me through a 5 minute warm-up that was intense enough to make me think they decided to skip the warm-up. We then launched into the cardio portion complete with traveling push-ups, knee-ups with a lunge, star jumpers (what they call jumping jacks – but with a squat) and mountain climbers to the elbows. There’s 3 rounds of these pleasurable past-times, and the reps increase with each rotation of exercises. I was very glad when it was over.

From there, we moved into a very tough ab workout. Side planks are really hard for me. Like really hard. I had to drop down to the modified version, but I will do this video again and again until I can do the reps as they do them. Dang it. This took us through about 21 minutes. The last 6 minutes or so were filled with post-workout stretches.

Let’s talk about stretching for a moment. I know that when the workout is finished the temptation is to turn off the iPad, or leave your workout class, or hop off the treadmill and leave the gym. Don’t. Seriously. Your muscles are nice and ooey, gooey warm. It’s the perfect time to stretch, and that will, in turn, increase your flexibility and helps to work out the lactic acid that builds during exercise. You don’t really wanna be sore, do you? Then stretch.

I liked this video and look forward to more from eFit30. I hereby honor this video with a 4 dumbbell rating on a scale of 5. Try it out. And stay for the stretches.

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